The Birth of the Blog at Baisha Beach (Kenting, Taiwan)

I was thinking about starting a blog for over 10 years. But writing is a great challenge for me. I decided that it is time to face the challenge and learn to write.

I don’t like lounging on the beach that much. But my wife loves it. So be it. We are on the beach. I can’t just lay around and do nothing, I get bored. So I had an idea…

In true spirit of location independence, I decided to start this blog right on the beach.

Taiwan is somewhat of an uncharted territory in the English speaking world. Information is scarce, and difficult to find. I will document some of my Taiwan experiences and findings here, on this blog.

Let’s start will start with the Baisha Beach (Kenting, Taiwan).

I want to immediately clear up some confusion about the naming:

There is another place called Baisha Bay on the northern tip of Taiwan. On Foursquare this beach is incorrectly identified as Baishawan. I already filed a request for change, but who knows if Foursquare is paying attention.

Baisha Beach is a lesser known gem. The reason this beach is not popular is because it is more difficult to get here than other beaches nearby. You will need a scooter, a bicycle or a car to get here.

Baishs Beach, Taiwan

We were here on a Thursday, November 12th at 10am. Right in the midst of Taiwan junior school break. There were no more than 50 people on this beach.

But by 1:30pm tour buses started to arrive flooding the beach with selfie sticks. But we were on the southeastern part of the beach and weren’t too affected by the hordes.

Umbrellas are available for rent at a hefty price of $300 TWD for the whole day. For whatever reason, you get 5 plastic mini monobloc chairs with the umbrella. But no beach type chaise lounges are available. Make sure to bring a thick beach towel if you want to lay down.

Monobloc chairs at Baishs Beach. You get 5 of these with each umbrella.

The water is clear blue. Some parts of the beach have giant rocks, which wouldn’t impede the swimming in any way. But most of the beach and ocean floor is completely clear of any ocean debris.

The weather was odd. It was sunny and hot (30C). But occasionally it rained, while the sun was still out. The waves were big but fine for swimming. The sand consists of crushed sea shells and isn’t so fine.

The bathroom and change room facilities are available at both sides of the beach for a fee of $20 TWD. But when we were there nobody was tending the till and the entrance was free.

The beach does get busy during holidays, especially Chinese New Year. So plan accordingly and check Taiwanese and Chinese holidays.

Baishs Beach map